True and certifiable Randomness as a service

Not all random numbers are created equal. Entronet gives you high quality and true randomness - referred to also as entropy.

Such entropy is becoming more and more crucial these days in many spaces.

Users of Entronet are very varied. You may be a teacher doing randomized assessments, a researcher doing statistical analysis, an avant-garde artist/musician, or someone in the gaming, Internet-of-Things (IoT), finance, blockchain, gambling/lotteries, or cybersecurity industries with needs for fair and secure output.

Whatever your use case, you will be someone with needs that can appreciate the difference between true vs pseudo-randomness. Read here to understand more about the differences in this quality and reliability.

Entronet's entropy is true, high quality, and certifiable random numbers sourced and processed to be cryptographically strong from various quantum and other hardware random number generators, easily accessible from our wide range of applications, tools, REST APIs and SDKs.

Use Cases

Cybersecurity, Gambling, Lotteries & Finance

The cybersecurity/encryption, gambling, sweepstakes, lotteries, and financial industries are some of the spaces where high quality, true, reliable, and certifiable entropy is the most critical to business for guaranteeing fair and secure output. Avoid your systems' output from being manipulated in fraudulent ways like the infamous Iowa Hot Lotto scandal.

More than just offering a genuinely truly-generated random number for the pseudo-random number generator algorithm's seed used for the key that encrypts your data or determines the number results of your draw, every bit of Entronet's entropy is truly random and sourced and processed from multiple hardware sources, quantum, and others, removing any single point of failure, to ensure the entropy you get is unbiased, cryptographically strong and certifiably random.

The fact you are here researching us might well just indicate we can be a value-add to your use case. Reach out now or read more about true randomness and how Entronet works.


Randomness is a fundamental part of game design for any genre. Without the right balance of randomness and good game mechanics, you as a game developer run the risk of players finding the challenge of skilling up and progressing through the game a turnoff and you will run the risk of losing players to churn.

Whether on YouTube, Twitch, Discord or Reddit, or whatever the forum may be, you can find lots of players who have voiced their frustration at what they believe to be unfair RNGs (random number generators) being used in their game of choice.

Entronet can give you a certifiable stamp of the true randomness your game employs for whichever element you want to have a genuinely fair and good experience for your players. It may be gachas (like summons), loot boxes, item drops, determining enemy placement and/or strength, randomizing level difficulty, or any of the many game elements where randomness is implemented.

As a developer, it is seamless to integrate Entronet in your game client through our Unity and Unreal SDKs or in your backend with our SDKs available for many languages.

Randomized Assessments & Product Validation

A well-researched and proven method of reliable and unbiased assessment in many fields from educational tests to validating customer product satisfaction is a randomized approach.

Building upon years of experience in randomized approaches to A/B testing for user interface/experience designs and also in literacy and numeracy assessments conducted for school children all over the globe, these use cases are of particular familiarity and interest to us here at Entronet.

Research & Analysis

Stochastic simulations like Monte Carlo where random samples of data sets are analyzed to find results is one popular example of statistical analysis employed by researchers and scientific experiments in many fields.

You may be using Excel or some Python code, whatever your tool of choice, Entronet can plugin easily and give you unbiased and reliable random numbers.

Internet of Things

From desert irrigation sensors to your fridge, IoT devices are becoming more and more ubiquitous in many aspects of life. Often these are little devices with low computing power and energy needs so the "stuff" put inside them needs to be chosen very carefully. As with anything, security is a vital aspect.

Searching the web you can find articles and papers of many vulnerabilities and security incidents involving IoT devices. Sometimes a flawed random number generator with weak entropy was part of the reason.

Whether your IoT devices are online constantly or even offline sometimes, Entronet's high and true entropy will ensure your devices have enough randomness to be as secure as possible.

Blockchain & Crytopcurrency

As in games, apps, and all sorts of applications, the need for entropy in the blockchain space occurs in many areas.

Maybe you have a need for a random number in your smart contract, or maybe you are trying to generate some random NFT art. Perhaps you are developing your own blockchain technology where randomness is even more important for the cryptography requirements.

We are continually developing ways to integrate Entronet into these technologies. Reach out now to find out more.

Art & Music

Artists, musicians, and other avant-garde creative people have been experimenting with elements of randomness in their artwork for decades. John Cage is known for it in both his art and music and Jackson Pollock had his unique approaches. These old school folks were not using randomness in digital form but the creative form and expression of randomness in art continue to this day.

Maybe you are looking for an additive element of true randomness from a plugin for your artwork in any one of the Adobe suite of software or whatever your digital workspace maybe. You may be on the NFT bandwagon and looking for genuine ways to truly generate random artwork. Entronet can easily be just another color or paintbrush in your toolkit in this creative process.

Perhaps you are a musician who utilizes arpeggiators in your creations. Whether your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) is Logic Pro or Ableton live or some other software and whether you are creating aleatory music or something else, Entronet can easily help contribute to your creative workflow.


We do not pretend to understand every possible space, use case, and situation where good entropy may bring value to your needs or business. Please do feel free to reach out to us for any questions or inquiries to see if we can be of benefit to you.

The Technology


True random numbers are numbers you cannot guess or predict by any algorithm. Measurement of some physical phenomenon - naturally random - is needed to generate a true random number. True random numbers are also known as hardware, non-deterministic, or quantum random numbers.

On the other hand, pseudorandom numbers, meaning artificial or random in appearance only, are generated by a computer program to simulate unpredictability. Pseudorandom numbers are often used in place of true random numbers because they are easier to generate and they can be made very hard to predict. You will find most computers and smartphones use PRNGs (pseudo-random number generators).

The issue with PRNGs - and which is the value proposition of Entronet with its true and certifiable randomness - is that every PRNG has a finite period, meaning its output sequence will eventually begin to repeat at some point.

High-quality PRNGs are very hard to design and have been prone to weaknesses and security vulnerabilities in the past. Mersenne Twister is one of the most well-known and favored PRNGs but even it has its limitations with the care needed for its initial seeding to avoid unreliable initial runoffs and also cannot withstand long-term statistical tests without some extra post-processing.

Entropy exists in a physically unpredictable property or process measured to produce random numbers. On a scale from 0 to 1, it indicates how unpredictable the generated random number is. A true random number has an entropy of 1.0, while a pseudorandom number has real entropy of 0.0. You will find that the term entropy is often interchanged with random numbers when referring to the actual random output of hardware generators. Entronet only uses such hardware to source all its randomness.


Entronet's entropy is true, high quality, and certifiable random numbers sourced and processed to be cryptographically strong from various quantum and other hardware random number generators, easily accessible from our wide range of applications, tools, REST APIs and SDKs.

Everything begins with our dice - our hardware random number generators - that are located in various locations around the world. Most of them are quantum-based meaning they measure naturally occurring randomness at the quantum physical level. Measuring methods come down to the actual device in question but we do use a range including photonic based and thermal noise in electronics. You are also able to add your RNG and contribute your own entropy to the pool if needed.

From the device, the individual entropy data is sent securely using quantum-safe algorithms - not just the standard cryptographic methods used today - and then pooled together and processed to become cryptographically strong.

With certain levels of fine-tuning available, you can then access entropy that is only ever provided once and never shared, through the APIs and SDKs.

Further technical details are available by inquiry or reading our white paper.



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